Laura + John

It started with a phone call on a warmer January Minnesota afternoon.

Laura's mom phoned me, stating she had attended a wedding I had designed last June and the Mother of the Bride highly recommended my services. Her daughter Laura lived in Kansas City and was looking to be married here, in her hometown. The more her mother and I talked, I knew I had to design and plan this wedding with them!

I met Laura a few weeks later and besides the fact that her smile completely warmed my heart, I completely fell in love with her courtship with John. The way her face beemed when talking about him, the laughter in describing the proposal, and her eagerness to show her guests a memorable time took everything in my power not to jump up and down begging to be a part of the wedding day.

Throughout the next four months of planning by email, phone, and visits, we developed the look and feel of everything from the chairs to the florals, the design of the church, and selecting some truly amazing wedding professionals. The wedding day was completely amazing, and I have to say the amount of love and admiration not only for family {I mean, look at just how much her mom takes this whole day in!}, but the love and respect that you can so clearly see in Laura and John's face throughout the day had me packing up my car at the end of the night with the biggest smile in my heart.

*And for the record, Laura's dad was the first Father of the Bride that has ever gotten me to the dance floor...seriously, you do NOT want to see my moves! :)


There is one thing I cannot stress enough: Let your parents be part of your day. Being able to see Laura's mom style Laura's hair for her wedding day is something I know both will always remember and cherish. And judging by the moments below, it is hard not to get choked up remembering it.

The church was our little challenge. With it now being utilized primarily as a chapel for the catholic school, we wanted to create a space that was warm, inviting, and filled with candles. With 150 placed throughout the chapel and mounds of white petals at the alter, we accomplished just that.


 This is exactly who Laura is as a person. Beautiful, full of life, and blissfully happy. I just had to show a picture that was truly her.


When Laura told me she wanted a tone-on-tone bouquet, I have to say my heart was bursting with excitement. The mixture of peonies, ranunculus, and orchids was absolutely perfect and smelled AMAZING!


The florals we collaborated on where, in a word, fantasticallybeautiful. It's a word, right?


Laura + John, here is to your happily ever after...

Wedding Planner, Event Design, and Floral Design: Johnny + Dottie
Photography: Red Bird Hills
Music Services: Pinnacle Weddings, Lighting and Design
Venues: St. Mary's Church, Landmark Mercantile


Kilee + Jon

When I met Kilee a year ago I was instantly smitten with her desire to have a vintage feeling wedding. Oh, I know that is the 'trend' now, but I have news for you- vintage and romance are here to stay.

We worked with some amazing lavender, popped in a few peonies, football mums, and accented with Sahara roses...and Kilee rocked it next to that beautiful dress {did I mention that those sleeves are ah-mazing?!?}.

At the reception we kept it going with mason jars, twine, alternating centerpieces so no two tables were alike. The Bride's mother created some beautiful burlap runners and it truly was a labor of love.

Seriously. Beautiful.

Glutin-free cake created by Taylor'd Cakes.

We love us some lavender, which greeted guests at the entrance.

Yep. I know. Stunning.
And THAT, my lovelies, is how we do vintage.
Thank you to Kilee + Jon for letting us be a part of the day and thank you to Rachel Boe Photography for the beautiful images!