Kelsey + Dalton || Engagement Session (and why you should love on your photographer)

Kelsey and Dalton's wedding day is one that I will blog about in the near future, but I wanted to share just a few photos from their engagement session with one of my favorite local photographers, Studio Blu Photography.

Walter and Holly are the type of photographers that you want to hang out with on a Friday night, likely eating at some super cool restaurant in the corner of the city that only the most chic know about. I love that they know who they are as a couple and as a couple who photographs equally awesome love. Holly and I are connected by the love of great bangs and Walter and I are joined at the hip because of our (sometimes) brutal honesty. I simply cannot get enough of their work, and I was so honored when they recommended that Kelsey reach out about Johnny and Dottie's services for their wedding day.

If clients are in the beginning stages of wedding planning and have no idea where to start, I always recommend hiring your planner (shameless plug) so they can refer you to a photographer that best suits your style, who you are as a couple, and last....your budget. You want to feel a connection with the photographer who is capturing one of the most reflective moments of your life. It should be someone who you would want to take to coffee, someone who you want to talk to after that special day, someone who is truly gripped in knowing who you are, together.

If you have the opportunity to have an engagement session with your photographer- DO IT. It not only gives your photographer the ability to see you as you are together, but it allows for your photographer to know what will work for you esthetically on your wedding day and what will not. A photographer you connect with will never make you do an engagement session with a picnic in the park if you are allergic to a wicker basket and would rather be photographed where the two of you hang out on a Saturday morning, at your favorite coffee shop in your downtown. A photographer you connect with will tell you the best way to style your session so you truly look like you and is cohesive versus you wondering why you purchased a wool sweater while your neck is itching because you forgot to layer it (not to mention you have never, ever owned a wool sweater). And most importantly, a photographer you connect with will allow you to just be you and do what you do best...which is just to love on each other and capture it just as you are, perfectly you.

Kelsey and Dalton. The best.