Michelle + Chad

I have a confession to make.

 I really love working with out of state couples who come home to get married. Now 'home' can be referred to really any place my clients choose to have me travel, but in Michelle and Chad's case, home is about forty five minutes from my home studio. Michelle's mother was referred to Johnny and Dottie by a favorite creative partner of mine who happens to make THE best cake in the area (almond with raspberry jam anyone?).

The moment I spoke with Michelle and her mother via phone, I knew this was going to be one lovely wedding filled with great design and a lot of love. With that being said, there were a few hurdles we had to tackle in order to pull this flawless wedding off:
1. Michelle and Chad were/are based on the west coast.
2. We were literally designing a wedding at the farm where Michelle was raised, in a back yard that, at that time, was literally dirt. (Transformation on that is forthcoming in the photos.)
3. We needed to create and execute a design and planning within five months. Start to finish. Five.

The design portion was easy. Have Michelle's father install underground electrical, a sprinkler system, load in massive amounts of dirt and trees and sod, install a ten foot high fountain, and paint all the trim on the family house AND trim up a massive grove AND create an entire new driveway for the wedding just for the parking. Check.

Work with the Blake and his amazing crew to install one massive tent, tables, chairs, dance floor, heaters, bars, and linens while I hung sixteen feet in the air installing massive bronzed lanterns and hung from a tree layering chiffon to blow in the Minnesota wind with rose filled glass orbs. Check.

Create a lovely design with my favorite cake designer Angie to whip up while she tucked individual pies into care baskets for guests to enjoy on the car ride home. Check.

Collaborate with the floral team at Flandreau Flower Shoppe during design and oversaw installation to all of the floral work meticulously to the tables and ceremony space. They transformed those tables, friends. Check.

Work with entertainment and lighting extrordinaires Jason and Darnell in making sure the timeline could flow easily for them to bring the party (including a logo on a silo, no joke). Check.

Assist the powerhouse of Chef Dom and his incredible staff bringing in catering onsite and ensure a flawless execution. Check.

Authorize with the FAA to create a firework display within limits of the local airport. Check. Double check.

Hug and watch the magic that makeup and hair artist Angelique created for Michelle, in not one but two hairstyles for the special day. Check.

Ensure a seamless timeline for the talented duo of Justin and Chrissy so bring about these beautiful photos. Check.

The day came and it was flawless. In creating a day like this, it takes a talented village, friends (and an amazing assistant for me!!) and it was one wedding to remember.

So much love on one farm, with the loveliest toasts under one tent. I watched as Michelle's parents took it all in and had their eyes filled to the brim with love for Michelle and Chad, and found myself squeezing their hands a lot that day. So much love on Minnesota prairie.

Design + Planning:: Johnny and Dottie | Photography:: Graddy Photography | Location:: Private residence | Caterer:: Chef Dominique Catering | Cake Designer:: Taylor'd Cakes | Entertainment and Lighting Design:: Energy Event Group | Tent and rentals: Ideal Weddings & Events | Florist: Flandreau Flower Shoppe | Hair & Makeup:: Platinum Imagination

 From dirt...to this. Seriously.



 Again...dirt, to THIS.