A New Place to Call Home

Hello bridal friends. Today's post is utter honesty so feel free to pull up a chair.

2013 brought so much to my life. So much more than I anticipated and so much that I am so very grateful for..and some things that I am still channeling through. When I thought I wanted to blog about how wonderful 2013 was and what my goals were for my company and myself, I was struck with some personal things that made the end of 2013 seem like a total blur. Trust me, there are goals. Things I am so excited about. Roads to travel.

I had an amazing 2013 Spring and Summer of some really meaningful and beautiful weddings. Couples with great families and unique designs and details that just filled my heart. SO much goodness in those weddings that I will be in the process of blogging and began a bit ago (be sure to scroll down and see a few of them!).

Fall came and at the end of September, I had my last wedding of 2013. It was beyond lovely and allowed for me to work with some of the best in the business. Literally the crème of the crop.

One of my closest friends got engaged to an amazing man and her March celebration is going to be all kinds of amazing. I am so excited to help her design her day and create some beautiful flowers for her. Life, I thought, could not get any better.

And then I lost a dear friend to Leukemia.

He was 31.

A rock in my life.

And in moments where we all thought he was getting better, he was just....gone. I am still trying to get through all of the emotions of loss and grief. Some days are really good. And to be honest some days...there is a lot of wet mascara to wipe away. His loss is something that has been so heavy on all of our hearts as his friends and family. And we really are just trying to get through it all.

But outside of his loss, I have seen some light. I hug my children more. "I love you" flows much more free from my mouth to friends and family. I appreciate stars and sunrise and crisp (ridiculously cold) snow so much more. I find that it is his way of telling me to really open my eyes and embrace it all. Taylor was always good at telling me truth, without the sugar coating. I loved that about him.

As I was going through my emotions with losing Taylor, my grandpa Johnny (of who this very company is named for) became very ill. This man, I have always been so sure, was invincible. I could not rationalize how I could lose him and my friend Taylor all within a month. There was just no way this could happen. But my wants and needs far exceed what God's plan is. And as much as I want to control outcome, I have to lay my trust in Him. My life has truly become taking care of my family, my grandpa, and running my business for my clients. It's been a learning experience over the past two months, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I am learning to value my time so much more. And I am taking nothing, absolutely nothing, for granted.

So let's talk about silver linings, shall we?

In 2013 we also purchased our first home. It's funny because when we first saw it, I thought in no way would I ever live in it. It was the house that I always drove past and thought 'Well, maybe someday..' and then...it became ours. A two-story, brick 1924 good old, American house. It is filled with hardwood floors, details galore, beautiful doors...and it's ours.

But let me tell you...it has been a work in progress. And ALOT of what-the-heck-were-we-thinking!!!

But out of this will come a NEW BLOG about our adventures (which I am SO excited for!) and a new opportunity for my company...

Photo Credit: Red Bird Hills

Wedding design and planning is such a personal adventure with my clients. Often my clients work with me, on average, nine months of their lives. That is a lot of meetings, chats, emails, texts, pinning, you name it. It is vital to me that I build a relationship with my clients. They welcome me into their lives and place this trust in me and it is such an honor. And while most of my clients are spread across the Midwest, I absolutely want for my clients to feel comfort, ease, and a sense of home throughout our process. So what better place to feel all of that throughout the planning process than in front of a fireplace, lounging on a big, comfy leather sofa in a big old house? Yep, my business has found a new place to call home: in my very own.

So what changes for my business and my clients? Absolutely nothing, except truly seeing how their wedding planner/designer lives. Better coffee. Hydrangea growing outside my windows. Comfort. Maybe a few lifestyle magazines on the table. But it is still 157% all about your wedding journey. I cannot tell you just HOW excited I am about this change. I mean, what else am I supposed to do with all this space? :)

We will be in transition from our current space to creating my design space within our empty basement until March 15. Think oodles of vases, buckets, ribbon galore, all that jazz. But until then, I will continue to meet clients at the "old" studio. I am telling you even in typing this...too excited for words. Get excited friends, because I certainly am!

Find joy in today, dear friends...

PS- The photo above? Shot at my house by my beautiful friend Tasha Herrgott of Red Bird Hills. Table design by yours truly, Johnny and Dottie!